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Nov. 28th – Thanksgiving


Playing a game of Cloud 9 after a Thanksgiving feast at my sister’s house. Nolah frequently uses terrifying methods of intimidation to achieve victory.

Thanksgiving is a holiday rooted in giving thanks for a successful harvest, expressing hope that all future harvests will be fruitful, and generally appreciating family, friends, and all of the good things in life. In the United States, it is recognized on the fourth Thursday in November (since federal legislation in 1941). (Wikipedia – Thanksgiving)

There is quite a bit of debate on the traditions and history of the day – some claim that the holiday has been celebrated continuously since the Puritans’ first feast, while others say it wasn’t, for example, and a few historians say that a feast and festival would not have been permitted as a religious ceremony by the Puritans. But despite the differences, most folks who celebrate the day see it as a time to gather with family, give thanks and prayer, and enjoy and appreciate the things that mean the most to them.

Our family commonly celebrates Thanksgiving in some fairly traditional ways, as well as some that are not so common – watching the Macy’s Parade in the morning, listening to silly songs about food and eating, enjoying a traditional turkey feast, discussing which of our family members actually likes cranberry sauce (I’m on the “pro” side, most others are “cons”), and playing boardgames after the meal.


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