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Dec. 8th – Bhodi Day


The Buddha in front of our home, who greets all of our visitors, and reminds me that I really need to rake the leaves someday.

Bhodi Day is a Buddhist holiday commemorating the day that the Buddha experienced enlightenment after meditating on the root of suffering whilst sitting under a tree.

From Wikipedia: “Traditions vary on what happened [during his meditation]. Some say he made a great vow to Nirvana and Earth to find the root of suffering, or die trying. In other traditions, while meditating he was harassed and tempted by the god Mara (literally, “Destroyer” in Sanskrit), demon of illusion. Other traditions simply state that he entered deeper and deeper states of meditation, confronting the nature of the self.” (Wikipedia – Bhodi Day)

Traditions for Bhodi Day are simple and unencumbered, as you might expect – meditation, chanting, studying the Dharma, and performing acts of kindness.¬† Some Buddhists add a meal of tea and cake (though it’s not specific about what kind of cake…)

We’re still a bit behind on our celebrations, and doing our best to catch up – so I’m commemorating a Belated Bhodi Day by spending some time in quiet meditation, and preparing some acts of kindness that we will be performing in the near future, in honor of this and several other holidays. (I may even listen to some Nirvana as I do so!)

Do you celebrate Bhodi Day? If so, tell us about it in the comments!


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