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Nov. 2nd – Soul’s Day

From my friend Morgan comes this blurb from Celtic Family Magazine’s Facebook page:

November 2nd is a day of reflection. A day to pay tribute to our ancestors, speak of family stories, leave flowers and mementoes at their graves. A Soul’s Day is thought to be a pre-Christian Celtic tradition of visiting ancestors cemeteries after the Fall Harvest.

I’d nearly missed this one! Looks like the Celts had their own Dia de los Muertos. (One thing I’ve learned from doing this the last couple of years is that every one of these holidays shares something with practically all of the others.)

We live too far away from the burial sites of my parents to make a trip today, but I’ve shared some stories about them with my daughters (as I do most days, really) – in particular, my stepfather’s penchant for used station wagons (the old Plymouth Fury one was my favorite) and what he had to go through to keep them running.


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